The voodoo doll and voodoo rituals

Voodoo dolls On this page you will learn everything about voodoo dolls. We have written a short introduction about. What is voodoo originated and how serious are the rituals? Surely you also want to know what for you can use voodoo dolls, which various rituals exist and what they effect. In our sub-categories, we have prepared all the interesting information for you. Anyone who wants to learn facts about voodoo doll, has a different level of knowledge and own religious principles from his personal life. We have tried to answer all the different personal backgrounds so that you and every other reader will retrieve the appropriate information.

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What exactly is voodoo?

Voodoo is often perceived only as "black magic" and many media reports exaggerate with the presentation of ritual murder. Voodoo is actually a kind of magic, both can also cause harm than healing. It, therefore, consists of the elements of destruction and construction. It is like a tool, which you can use to build something beautiful and at the same time it can help somebody to destroy things. Witches of "white magic" make use of this magic as well as it is sometimes abused by people who do not remember the higher knowledge that everything we do and think can return on our own.

Voodoo dolls

How voodoo arised and where it comes from?

Voodoo originated in the mid-16th Century, when African slaves landed in Haiti. Haiti was ruled by Catholicism, which was mixed with Hinduism and Islam in this time. From this mixture of religious but also cultural aspects voodoo arised. This mixed form of religious and cultural aspects then came back again to Africa. Cultic practices of voodoo are still preserved in West Africa, especially in Gabon and Ghana. Here it is mainly a trance ritual used for curing various diseases. As with many still practiced primitive religions influenced by magic the background idea at voodoo is that "reality" exists only in the form of a fictitious facade of people - behind there act powerful forces of gods and spirits. Therefore, in the rituals the spirits are called for retribution or healing. In many of these rituals animal sacrifices and trance have priority.

How seriously should we take voodoo?

Whoever believes in the efficacy of thought, whether in positive or negative patterns, that can imagine how voodoo works. Because in every ritual beliefs are amplified and transmitted. In this respect, any person who uses voodoo should be aware of the responsibility he has for his thinking and doing. Everything we send out will return to ourselves. But if voodoo dolls are used only as joke articles, they certainly only have this meaning. It is always simply a matter of what the individual makes with things around him.

Game or serious?

The original voodoo with its complex theological and spiritual systems is not really comparable with the so-called "modern" voodoo cult. Today, the dolls are much more used as a "mascot" and voodoo is considered as a life enriching game. Voodoo priests discourage people from voodoo rituals with voodoo dolls, if they are not familiar with the effect and impact of "black magic. Because you need a lot of knowledge and responsibility to use those rituals, so that they don’t seriously harm other people and boomerang the voodoo user negatively. So many voodoo loving people use voodoo dolls to bring love and health, happiness and prosperity in their own lives or to a loved one.

Voodoo doll characters

Voodoo doll characters

The characters presented below are suitable for solving your own problems and life situations. They are, however, also suitable as give aways to people who wants to be protected, accompanied or inspired by a voodoo doll in certain situations.